Afternoon comment: the two cities fluctuated higher and the innovation index rose 2.

36% software stocks perform strongly

Afternoon comment: the two cities fluctuated higher and the innovation index rose 2.

36% software stocks perform strongly

News from Sina Finance News on February 21, the three major indexes opened mixed. After the opening, the creation index quickly rose by more than 1%, the Shenzhen Component Index also strengthened, and the Shanghai Index performed weakly.

On the disk, the brokerage sector surged and fell, and quantum communications rose sharply.

The market closed earlier in the morning, and the index rose by more than 2%. Overall, the stocks of the two cities rose more and less, and the profit effect was acceptable.

At the close of the morning, the Shanghai Composite Index was quoted at 3044.

11 points, up 0.

46%; Shenzhen Component Index reported 11682.

54 points, up 1.

51%; 2nd Index was 2238.

43 points, up 2.


  From the perspective of the disk, quantum communications, Huawei HMS, domestic software, etc. led the gains, while hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and banking sectors ranked the top.

  Hotspots: 1, Quantum Communications, Zhejiang Dongfang, Yongding shares closed the daily limit, Shengyang Technology, Fujing Technology, Baili Electric and other stocks followed suit.

  In the news, the White House proposed that the United States will open up the quantum Internet.

  2. GaN dry photo-electricity, Hailu Heavy Industry, Zhaochi stock daily limit, Shenzhen Konka A, Hitech High-tech, Haineng Industrial, etc. followed the rise.

  On the news, Xiaomi ‘s annual flagship new product launch conference was held last week, and the Xiaomi gallium nitride (GaN) charger that was unveiled together detonated the third-generation semiconductor concept stock of A shares.

  News: 1. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Ministry of Finance, the central government on February 20 pre-allocated $ 1.4 billion in agricultural production and water conservancy and disaster relief funds to support local efforts to prevent and control major crop pests and diseases.

Among them, the control of retinal worms in agricultural areas was arranged to 0.

300 million yuan.

  2. The Ministry of Human Resources 武汉夜生活网 and Social Security, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation formally issued a notice on the periodic reduction and exemption of corporate social insurance premiums: Enterprises affected by the epidemic situation with serious difficulties in production and operation may apply for deferred payment of social insurance premiums.Months, free of late fees during the deferred period.

Beginning in February 2020, provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities (except Hubei Province) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (collectively referred to as the provinces below) can be exempted from payment of three social insurance units of small, medium and micro enterprises according to the impact of the epidemic and the capacity of the fundIn some cases, the exemption period does not exceed 5 months; the payment of three social insurance units for large enterprises and other insured units (excluding government agencies and institutions) can be halved, and the reduction period does not exceed 3 months.

Beginning in February 2020, Hubei Province will be exempted from the payment of three social insurance units of various types of participating units (excluding government agencies and institutions), and the exemption period will not exceed 5 months.

  3. According to Zhejiang’s announcement, Zhejiang Province reported 28 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia yesterday.

Of these, 27 were criminals in Shilifeng Prison of the province, plus 7 confirmed cases announced in the prison. There were 34 confirmed cases of criminals in Shilifeng Prison of the province, which were imported cases.

The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Justice has sent a supervision team to the site of Shilifeng Prison for inspection.

The prison political commissar and prison director have been removed from office, and the public security organ has opened an investigation into a police officer involved.

The provincial Shilifeng Prison has strictly implemented hermetically closed management, resolutely blocked loopholes, and prevented the spread of the epidemic.

  4. Shandong reported 202 newly confirmed cases, including 200 in Rencheng Prison.

  5. Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health and Health Commission, said that there is a positive trend in the national epidemic prevention and control, which can be summarized by “4 declines, 1 increase, and zero reports in some provinces.”

The “4 declines” is that the number of newly diagnosed cases is declining. The number of newly diagnosed cases in other provinces outside Hubei nationwide is decreasing. The number of newly diagnosed cases in Hubei Province except Wuhan is decreasing. The number of newly diagnosed cases in Wuhan is decreasing.
The “one increase” is the number of newly discharged cases exceeding the number of confirmed cases for three consecutive days from February 18.

  6. China Automobile Federation: Affected by the epidemic, China ‘s auto sales fell 92% in early February.

  7. The deputy minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology said that more than 60,000 confirmed cases of Chinese medicine hospitals participated in the treatment of the disease, accounting for more than 85%, and the Chinese medicine treatment has a certain effect; chloroquine phosphate treated 130 patients with mild and common symptoms, Overall it works well.

  8. At the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, Zhou Qi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the new crown virus cannot penetrate the human body through the skin.

If you maintain proper hand washing habits and frequent hand washing habits, you can avoid these transmission channels.

  Market view: Southwest Securities said that the current market is spreading to various sectors.

With the advent of the resumption of labor, the previously suppressed consumer sector is expected to achieve supplementary growth.There are two directions worthy of investor recognition.

One is the delay and recovery of consumption after the epidemic has subsided, which will lead to an increase in estimates of consumer stocks such as liquor.

At present, as a stagnation plate in various sectors, under the catalysis of future consumption rebound, it is expected to form a round of growth.

The second is the bottom reversal of optional consumer goods such as cars.

Corresponding auto stocks, supporting the automotive industry chain, and especially the manufacturers supporting new energy vehicles have the value of performance conversion, which is worthy of deployment.

In terms of growth stocks, institutions are still optimistic about 5G-related and new energy vehicle-related industrial chains.

High-quality targets in the electronics, computer, media and other industries deserve attention, and the upstream and downstream industrial chains of new energy vehicles deserve attention.