[Can Hangbai Ju drink every day]_Action_Efficacy

[Can Hangbai Ju drink every day]_Action_Efficacy

Hangbai chrysanthemum is a good variety of tea, but chrysanthemums are good, so don’t drink more.

It is recommended to drink a small amount of chrysanthemum each time, and it is not recommended to soak it multiple times, because this is called the back of the tea soup has no taste; in addition, the chrysanthemum is cold, it is not suitable to drink more, and the frail can not drink more.

It is recommended to hang chrysanthemum with green tea to drink, clear the liver and eyesight, and have the fatigue value to restore the body, making the body more relaxed.

Drink no more than 3 chrysanthemum tea daily.

The daily dosage is about half a tea leak, about 2?
3 flowers, brew with hot water.

Take about three cups daily.

Mixing impurities with green tea, the ratio of chrysanthemum to green tea is 2: 1 is best.

It can be mixed with wolfberry to metabolize, which can strengthen the liver, health and eyesight, and help restore fatigue. The method is also to use hot boiling water for brewing.

When making chrysanthemum tea, it is best to use a transparent glass.

Chrysanthemum tea brews once. Suitable chrysanthemum tea has the effect of refreshing the eyes and reducing liver fire. Generally, it can be brewed 5 to 7 times. The first infusion amount accounts for about 55%, and the second infusion amount accounts for 30%.The third time is about 10%, while the fourth time is only 1% -3%.

From a nutritional point of view, vitamin C, amino acids, and various inorganic substances in baby millet are 80% leached from the first infusion, and more than 95% are dissolved from the second infusion; from tea polyphenols, caffeine, etc.With regard to the dissolution of the medicinal ingredients, the leaching rate was the largest in the first infusion, and almost the full leaching was achieved after three infusions.

How to make chrysanthemum tea properly? To make a good chrysanthemum tea, you must first choose a good chrysanthemum tea.

Chrysanthemums are prone to mold and worms, and the quality of chrysanthemums on the market is uneven. If you do not understand the way, it is difficult to choose high-quality chrysanthemums.

Too many people choose chrysanthemums with large white flowers. In fact, chrysanthemums that are small, ugly, and yellow in color are actually selected.

Tea washing Although chrysanthemums and tea leaves are different, it also mixes a lot of dust and oil during the drying process, so it is necessary to add the tea washing step when brewing.

Soak in hot water at 80 degrees for 3-5 seconds, and then quickly filter out the water. If the time is too long, the nutrition of the chrysanthemum will also be filtered out. This should be noted.

After brewing tea, wash the chrysanthemums with boiling water of 100 degrees or hot boiling water that is cooled to 90 degrees, and leave it for 5 minutes.

Note that the hot water is poured into the chrysanthemum instead of the chrysanthemum, because the hot water will stir the chrysanthemum, so you do not need to stir it.

The chrysanthemum must be stirred in the hot water, otherwise the chrysanthemum will float on the water.

Chrysanthemum tea is contraindicated. 1, Chinese medicine reminds that it is best not to take bitter wild chrysanthemum.

2. For people with allergies, if you want to drink chrysanthemum tea, try using one or two brewing bubbles. If there is no problem, make more bubbles, but you can’t replace them too much.

3, chrysanthemum is cold, physically weak, spleen, cold stomach and those who are prone to diarrhea should not suffer.

Chrysanthemum is more suitable for people with dizziness, red eyes, sore throat, sore throat, liver fire and high blood pressure.