[How to choose watermelon is red and sweet]_Method_Precautions

[How to choose watermelon is red and sweet]_Method_Precautions

Summer is the season when fruits are the most abundant. On a hot summer, you can feel a bit less hot when you take a bite of cold fruit.

Picking fruits in the summer also requires certain skills, especially for hard-to-recognize watermelons.

Watermelon is all “Bao”. Watermelon has the effect of cooling down and quenching thirst. The flesh can be eaten and the peel can be used as a medicinal material.

There are many varieties of watermelons in summer, and some people are dazzled. How to choose red and sweet watermelons?

In the blink of an eye, summer is coming. How can we eliminate heat and heatstroke in hot summer?

Eating watermelon is the fruit most commonly used to cool down the heat.

But with so many watermelons on the market, how can you give full play to the possibility of buying sweet, big and good watermelons?

First: When looking at the color of the texture on the surface of the watermelon, we must try to choose the turquoise, not the light white.

When you choose, you need to see if the watermelon is fresh, the skin is smooth, and you do n’t choose the yellow-yellow, it is a ripe melon. If you do n’t know yet, you can tap it.Good melon, not “Dangdang” voice.

Second: Look at the curved guaty of the watermelon pedicle, which is the mother melon. The taste is sweet and sweet, and the straight texture of the guaty will be poor.

When picking watermelons, choose fresh and green-colored cucumbers. The dark-brown, yellow cracked cucumbers are the watermelons that are picked before they are ripe. If they are dried, they are the so-called “dead vines””Don’t choose.

Third: Look at the texture of the watermelon. The texture on the surface of the watermelon is clear and neat. It is the mother melon, and the messy texture is the melon.

When choosing watermelons, you should also pay attention to see if the watermelons grow evenly. In addition, crooked melon is not included in the consideration, and it is directly eliminated.

Fourth: Look at the circle at the bottom. There will be circles at the bottom of the watermelon. The small circles are a little bit convex and the female ones are big.

You should know that the skin of the melon is thicker, the flesh is not much sweet, the color is not so bright, and the taste is a lot worse.

With these tips, you can choose a big red and sweet watermelon anytime, anywhere!